Australian Identity: Landscape

Date information28-30 November
9:15AM - 5:00PM
Location informationArc Cinema
Event costFREE

In 2016 our weekday screening program continues our exploration on the theme of ‘identity’ and what it means to be Australian. These documentaries reflect the harsh beauty and kaleidoscopic nature of the Australian landscape and the people who have made it their home.

All titles are from the NFSA collection.

09.15 am The Great Coastal Dune Show (1976, 11mins, D: Ron Saunders)
09.30 am Antarctica 1948 (1949, 24mins, D: Department of Information)
09.55 am Whatever Happened to Green Valley (1973, 53mins, D: Peter Weir)
10.50 am Film Australia’s Outback (2002, 198mins, D: Denise Haslem)
02.15 pm The Spirit of the Plains (1980, 9mins, D: David Muir)
02.25 pm The Real Flying Doctors (1992, 28mins, D: John Armstrong)
02.55 pm Where the Forest Meets the Sea (1987, 9mins, D: Jeannie Baker)
03.05 pm The Snowy: A Dream of Growing Up (1989, 60mins, D: Stephen Ramsey)
04.05 pm The Land of the Lightning Brothers (1987, 27mins, D: David Roberts)
04.32 pm Ghan to Alice (1978, 27mins, D: Curtis Levy)