Astronomy School

14 March
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$15/$13 (rated G)

A range of rare and wonderful education and experimental films from the 1960s and ’70s exploring and explaining the mysteries of astronomy and the future of space exploration. All on NFSA16mm.






Cosmic Zoom - 1968. Producers Robert Verralla and Joeseph Koenig, 8 mins.

Probes the infinite magnitude of space, and its reverse, the ultimate minuteness of matter. Art and animation camera techniques are used to achieve this journey to the farthest conceivable point of the universe.


A New Look at the Sun - 1970. Produced by the CSIRO, Australia, 21 mins.

Describes the radioheliograph at the CSIRO Solar Observatory at Culgoora, near Narrabri, NSW. This large circular array of 96 antennae provides a unique instrument for observing brief solar surface disturbances.


All About Weightlessness: the Astronaut's Dilemma - 1955. Director Walt Disney, 11 mins.

A fascinating animation examining space science and the effects of space travel and weightlessness on a human subject. Reflecting the era the film was made, this human subject is a cigar-smoking, pool-playing, cocktail-shaking astronaut!


Who's Out There - 1975. Producer Robert Drew, 28 mins.

This NASA production sees a number of distinguished scientists conclude that there is someone out there in outer space. Orson Welles, host and star, recounts his famous 1938 radio broadcast The War of the Worlds depicting monstrous Mars life forms invading earth.


Cosmos - 1970. Director Jordan Belson, 6 mins.

This psychedelic cosmic journey is a visual feast. Belson developed real-time photography and electronic imagery as an alternative to frame-by-frame animation.


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