Arc Out Loud: Return to Oz

20 May
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12 / $10

Continuing our series of interactive, ‘out loud’ screenings. Some films deserve hushed reverence and quiet contemplation... these are not those films.

For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, memories of Return to Oz can conjure a sense of unease – it starts with electric shock therapy, and quickly there are people with wheels for hands, and a corridor filled with disembodied heads! 

But there’s also a lot to love – a sassy talking chicken (voiced by Denise Bryer), a campy rock-based king (Nicol Williamson) who loves to kick back in a pair of sparkly ruby slippers, and a brave and loyal young girl (Fairuza Balk as Dorothy), determined to save her friends.  

The only foray into directing for Walter Murch (Francis Ford Coppola’s editor), Return to Oz is a fascinating film and a startling sequel to the much-cherished Wizard of Oz. It’s also arguably closer in tone to the L Frank Baum books it’s based on (the second and third Oz novels).  

‘Taken altogether, the experience of watching Return to Oz, with its myriad nightmarish offerings, almost feels like thumbing one's nose at the prudish Disney of today’ – Crooked Marquee 



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