Arc Out Loud: Mean Girls Quote-a-Long

29 January
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12/$10

Continuing our series of interactive, ‘out loud’ screenings. Some films deserve hushed reverence and quiet contemplation... these are not those films.

Next in our series of Out Loud screenings, come spend some time with the greatest people you will ever meet. And the worst!  

The ultimate high school clique comedy, Mean Girls is written by Tina Fey, who stars alongside Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and a slew of Saturday Night Live regulars.  

It is endlessly quotable - who hasn’t shouted the words of encouragement, ‘You go Glen Coco!!’ - with a language all its own (‘grool’). Mean Girls has also generated a dedicated following of people who only wear pink on Wednesdays.

Is it time to make ‘fetch’ happen? If there was ever a night for it, this is it! Get in loser.  

‘Like Heathers and Clueless, this box-office hit turns out to be that rare teen flick that refuses to be pigeonholed as a teen flick’ – Film Frenzy  



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