Arc Out Loud: Labyrinth Scratch 'N' Sniff

16 July
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12/$10

Continuing our series of interactive, ‘out loud’ screenings. Some films deserve hushed reverence and quiet contemplation... these are not those films.   

Next up in our Arc Out Loud series, we go back to a childhood classic of mazes, magical friends and foes, and a musician in extremely tight tights. 

Upon a whim, Sarah (future Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly) wishes her annoying baby half-brother away to Jareth, the Goblin King (David Bowie). On her quest to get him back, she must navigate Jareth’s labyrinth – solving puzzles and avoiding dangerous traps and mystical creatures. 

Labyrinth features songs written and performed by Bowie, who is accompanied in the film by a cast of wonderful, frightening and hilarious puppets produced by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. 

For this special screening, we invite you to use our custom-designed scratch ‘n’ sniff card to savour the smells Sarah would have encountered on her journey. Ever wondered what the Bog of Eternal Stench would smell like? Join in the out-loud fun in Arc cinema and find out!

‘[Bowie’s] character performance is gloriously iconic, a perfect blend of predatory, leering rock star and hurt, rejected emo lover’ – The AV Club 

Labyrinth packs enough surprises to captivate an audience of children and provides enough wisecracking to keep adults laughing’ – TV Guide Magazine 



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