Animals + Q&A

MA 15+
21 February
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12/$10

Laura and Tyler are soulmates.Thirty-something best friends and revellers residing in Dublin, they are ingrained in the fabric of each other’s lives: dating, partying, drinking and living their life without limitations.

Inevitably though, circumstances change, priorities shift and the two find themselves, willing or not, on deviating paths.

At once both a celebration of female friendship and an examination of the choices we make when facing a crossroads, Animals is an honest, funny, edgy, unconventional and bittersweet snapshot of modern women.

Join us after the screening for a Q&A with the director, Sophie Hyde.

‘It's a tribute to [director] Sophie Hyde's work that these two gals, with tinkling white wine glasses and cackling laughter, become fully engaging women on screen’ – Paul Byrnes, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Buoyed by [Emma Jane] Unsworth's often snappy dialogue, it's a film that exudes genuine warmth, even as it grapples with the realities of growing up and growing apart, and the ugly anxieties that come with being a modern, middle-class woman no longer in her twenties’ – Keva York, ABC News Australia

‘The film is a very watchable study of two women as they begin to realise the second F in BFF is an impossible promise’ – David Bradley, The Adelaide Review

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