The Weekly Planet: Games made into movies

The Weekly Planet: Games made into movies
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In episode 98 of the podcast, The Weekly Planet, hosts James Clement and Nick Mason give their opinions on a list of more than a dozen games that are to be made into feature films.

It has become common business practice for companies seeking to maximise their market reach to develop multiple products based on a single successful idea or story; so that a successful video game becomes a feature film, TV series, graphic novel, clothing apparel or toys - or all of these and sometimes in reverse order. The hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise (from 2003) - also a video game - started life as an amusement park ride at Disneyland, California in 1967!

The first game to be made into a film with a theatrical release was the 60 minute anime, Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!. It was released in Japan in 1986. The first internationally distributed game-to-film was also the popular Super Mario Bros. It was released as a live action feature film in 1993 staring Bob Hoskins. Despite the poor box office and negative critical response, it hasn't stopped many others from also producing adaptations of video games.  

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