Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Finally Completed

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Finally Completed
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Officially opened on 19 March 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a massive engineering undertaking that transformed the city. For six years the two half arches gradually draw closer together. A dream is realised when the heaviest and biggest bridge arch in the world was finally completed.

This short film documents the construction of one of the world's great landmarks in its various stages, and provides a fascinating glimpse of life around Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay in the twenties and thirties. The Cinema Branch regularly filmed events of special interest to the nation. There were at least 3 different films on the progress of the bridge. Sydney's Harbour bridge was filmed over several years and edited to celebrate the opening.

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Finally Completed is an excerpt from the film Sydney’s Harbour Bridge made by the Cinema Branch and produced by the Department of Commerce.

A DVD containing this clip can be purchased from the NFSA's online shop.

Production company:
Department of Commerce