Skippy and the Hammond Family

Skippy and the Hammond Family
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The Skippy reboot, The Adventures of Skippy, was a short-lived series that ran for 39 episodes.

The story was very much developed as a sequel to the original 1960s series with the then 12 year-old Sonny Hammond now an adult with children of his own and working as a co-owner of an animal theme park in the tropical north of Australia. Skippy is now more of a family pet (she even wears a collar) rather than the semi-wild kangaroo she had been in the first series.

This clip is the open credit sequence to the show. The music is markedly different to the iconic Skippy theme song composed by Eric Jupp for the original series. It does nod to the memory of Skippy by borrowing the well known lyrics but lacks the 'earworm' quality of Jupp's composition. What is also curious is the token addition of a didgeridoo at the start, replacing Sonny's gum leaf whistle. The footage introduces the cast but doesn't really provide any indication of the series' storylines which is disappointing.



Production company:
Burbank Animation Studios