Life Savers on Bondi Beach

Life Savers on Bondi Beach
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Early morning at an almost empty Bondi Beach. Rubbish is removed by local council workers and volunteer lifesavers check their gear, allocate safe surfing areas, and practise their lifesaving skills. A summer day on the beach in Sydney. Beginning and ending at Bondi, this film captures the essence of Australian beach life – the bodysurfers, boardriders, sunbakers, families, tourists and, of course, those iconic Aussie lifesavers.

From beach inspectors watching for danger to the ice cream vendors helping people cool down, Australia’s major beaches in summer have the hustle and bustle of a small town. Surf Beach looks at the proud tradition of surf lifesavers, who give up their weekends voluntarily to patrol our beaches, keeping ordinary folks safe from disaster. Witness the thrilling rescue of a young woman who has got herself into trouble, and the military precision of the surf lifesavers as they bring her back into shore. The highlight of the season is the Surf Life Saving Championships – a marvel of pageantry as surf lifesaving clubs from across Sydney march proudly along the beach, led by the UNSW Regiment brass band. Beautifully shot and set to a swinging soundtrack, Surf Beach pays tribute to an Australian icon: the beach.

Life Savers on Bondi Beach is an excerpt from the film Surf Beach, a National Film Board Production produced by the Commonwealth Film Unit.

A DVD containing this clip can be purchased from the NFSA's online shop.

Production company:
The Commonwealth Film Unit