John Paul Young discusses 'Love Is in the Air' for Strictly Ballroom

John Paul Young discusses 'Love Is in the Air' for Strictly Ballroom
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Singer John Paul Young talks about re-recording 'Love Is in the Air' for the film soundtrack and how Strictly Ballroom revived the hit song. 

The use of the song in this film reflects a common strategy in contemporary cinema. That is, to use pop music that not only complements the film but with which audiences have developed an association.  

Filmgoers are likely to engage with well-known popular music tracks as they have already forged a connection with the artist, the song, or at the very least the musical style (in this case disco), outside the film context. Such a strategy can intensify nostalgia and reinforce the film’s status as memorable by engaging viewers in shared pleasures of reminiscence. It can also, as Young mentions, rebrand the music and open it up new audiences. And now almost 30 years on from the film’s release, many people’s association with the song will connect directly with the film itself, despite the song achieving worldwide success in the 1970s well before Strictly Ballroom was produced.   

In 2017, the song was selected for preservation in the National Film and Sound Archive's Sounds of Australia collection.

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John Paul Young