Doubts raised about 'Pyjama Girl' identity

Doubts raised about 'Pyjama Girl' identity
Vincent O'Donnell
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This is a short excerpt from Community Broadcasting Association program Arts Alive from 2005, featuring an interview with author Richard Evans. 

The interview followed the release of Evans' 2004 book The Pyjama Girl Mystery: A True Story of Murder, Obsession and Lies. In the book, Evans questions everything about the case, including the police investigation and the identity of the 'Pyjama Girl', a young woman who had been shot, beaten, set alight and then dumped along a stretch of road in Albury, NSW in September 1934. 

Evans believes that the mysterious case was never properly solved. He claims he has debunked the official police account and puts the identification of the young woman as Linda Agostini, the charges against her husband Antonio, and the unusually lenient penalty for her murder, down to sloppy police work and increasing pressure to close a murder case which had been plagueing the NSW Police Commissioner for more than a decade. 

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