The Cane Cutters and Mateship

The Cane Cutters and Mateship
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This short film takes a look at the life of Queensland sugar cane cutters. It shows itinerant workers contracting with a cane farmer, cutting the cane and loading it for transport, from early morning to dark. Other sequences show the cutters in their quarters eating as much food as they need to carry out a tough job. The film is straightforward in its approach: cane cutting is hard work although the pay is good and the industry itself means much to the thriving state of Queensland. Five million tons of sugarcane have to be cut by hand in back breaking conditions in North Queensland.

This clip is an excerpt from the film Cane Cutters, a National Film Board Production. Produced by the Department of Information.

A DVD containing this clip can be purchased from the NFSA's online shop.

Production company:
National Film Board Production