Brylcreem Hair Product Advertisement: Barbecue

Brylcreem Hair Product Advertisement: Barbecue
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The Brylcreem advertising campaign of the early 1960s focused on the chemistry of 'boy meets girl'. Each advertisement takes place in the type of casual social setting where that initial attraction might flourish – such as a bowling alley or, as in this particular ad, an outdoor barbecue with friends around. 

The barbecue provides the perfect set-up for the Brylcreem concept, whereby the young man cooking the barbecue in his chef's hat catches the eye of a young woman (played by Lorraine Bayly). She is initially attracted to him until she catches sight of his unruly 'lifeless' hair.

A stop-motion sequence with a voice-over effectively shows how the young man's hair can be transformed with Brylcreem. Afterwards, he is seen dancing with the young woman ... surefire proof that the product works!

The jingle 'Brylcreem - a little dab'll do ya, and you'll find the gals'll all pursue ya' sends a clear message to men that just a tiny amount of Brylcreem can reverse their dating fortunes in an instant.

Sara Lee Australia
Artransa Park Film Studios