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Johnny O’Keefe got a lucky break in 1957 when he became one of the first Australian singers in promoter Lee Gordon’s 'Big Shows’ at Sydney Stadium, after international act Gene Vincent was stranded in Honolulu.

Johnny O’Keefe and the Dee Jays played many more times at Sydney Stadium including with Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.

From Bandstand Salutes Johnny O’Keefe, 1966

'Shout' at Sydney Stadium, 1959

From Bandstand Salutes Johnny O'Keefe, 1966

The wild days of touring


During his 26-year career, Johnny released over 50 singles, 40 EPs and 40 albums and had many Top 40 hits.

Next slide: In a 1977 radio interview, Johnny talks about how they made use of a toilet block to capture the desired reverberation effect when recording 'Shout’.

Left: Johnny with The Dee Jays (Johnny Purser, Keith Williams, Dave Owens, John Balken, Kevin Norton) in 1957. To draw the eye to Johnny, photographer Ken Radshaw placed him in a picture frame.

Johnny interviewed on 2CY ABC Radio, 1977

'Recording in progress - please don't flush'

'I’ve been practising pretty hard’

Johnny sings in Greek

Oral history with singer-songwriter Vic Simms, 2009

'I got a little song I want you to hear'

Six O'Clock Rocker

Johnny O’Keefe initially saw television as just another gig, but soon realised the power of the medium to build a national audience.

He hosted four TV shows: Six O’Clock Rock (ABC, 1959-61); The Johnny O’Keefe Show (ATN7, 1961-63), later renamed Sing Sing Sing (1963-65); and Where the Action Is (Channel Ten, 1967).

The Johnny O'Keefe Show – Episode 1, 1961

'I Feel Comfort in My Heart’

Sing Sing Sing

Left: One of 3,000 letters sent by Johnny to Sing Sing Sing TV viewers. At the time celebrities like Johnny faced the challenge of individually responding to huge amounts of fan mail. 

Next: On a 1964 episode of Sing Sing Sing, Johnny Devlin and Johnny O’Keefe sing excerpts of each others’ hits, backed by Paul Wayne, Digby Richards and ballet star Sir Robert Helpmann.

JO'K and Johnny Devlin on Sing Sing Sing, 1964

'Tumbarumba' and 'Move Baby Move'

Boomerang Boy

Johnny embarked on a 6-week, 36-state promotional tour of the US in April 1960. Liberty Records touted him as the 'Boomerang Boy’ and held boomerang throwing competitions as publicity stunts. 

By 1960, the ‘Friends of Johnny O’Keefe’ fan club in Australia had 8,000 members. Known for his flamboyant stage costumes, Johnny claimed in 1959 to own 40 suits worth over 100 pounds each!

Johnny talks about his costumes on 2SM, 1970

'It was a pinch from Little Richard'

Rock'n'roll trouper

After returning from the US in 1960, Johnny was injured in a horrific car crash. In the late 1960s he struggled with mental health and financial problems.

He continued performing and releasing records into the 1970s, enjoying his final Top 10 hit ('Mockingbird') in 1974. When Johnny died of a heart attack in 1978, aged 43, it was front page news.

From Bandstand Salutes Johnny O’Keefe, 1966

'I was a pretty dejected Wild One'


Johnny had 'The Wild One’ painted on the boot of his Ford Zephyr car. The song 'Wild One', which he co-wrote, was inspired by seeing a wild brawl in Newtown, Sydney.
Johnny had 14 telephones installed in the house he shared with second wife Maureen: for lining up work, promotion, networking and support in times of trouble.
Iggy Pop’s cover of 'Wild One' (renamed 'Real Wild Child’) is the theme to ABC TV’s long-running music show Rage. The credits include footage of Johnny on stage.

The end


With thanks to Barry O’Keefe for his generous donation of Johnny O’Keefe material; Janette O’Keefe for her ongoing support; 7 Network Australia; Nine Network; Vic Simms; RSN – Racing and Sport; Department of Defence/ADF; the Archdiocese of Sydney; and Nestle Australia.

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  • Producer: Stephen Groenewegen
  • Curator: Tamara Osicka
  • Video: Terry Stuetz, Michael Kosmider, Tara Fedoriw-Morris
  • Audio: Gerard O’Neill, Viktor Fumic, Thorsten Kaeding
  • Oral History: Bronwyn Murphy
  • Photographs: Darren Weinert, Tony Rowley
  • Clearances: Bronwyn Dowdall, Nick Henderson, Helen Tully