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One Fine Day (2013, Classification TBC)

Dir: Kelli Cross, Australia, 10mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Spearpoint Productions, Writ: Kelli Cross

Trying to stay strong for her family on what proves to be a distressing and difficult day, a young woman comes to realize that some things in life are beyond her control. All that is left is love and hope.


High Tide (2013, G)

Dir: Kimberley West, Australia, 10mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Kelrick Martin, Writ: Dot West

Can Jamie set his fishing line aside for one night in order to catch the girl of his dreams?


Dark Whispers (2013, M)

(Dark Whispers) Dir: Ngaire Pigram , Australia, 9mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Kelrick Martin, Writ: Ngaire Pigram

Debbie searches for the freedom to let go, by embracing what always gave her the strength to stay here.


Bourke Boy (2009, PG)

Dir: Adrian Russell Wills, Australia, 11mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Adrian Wills, Writ: Adrian Wills

A father attempts to reaffirm his relationship with his adopted son as the son seeks to reconnect with his natural mother, culture and country.