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Destiny in The Dirt (2013, G)

Dir: Ella Bancroft, Australian, 10mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Metro Screen

Destiny in the Dirt is the coming-of-age story of a young boy, Dylan, who through a series of unexpected circumstances embarks on a experience that will lead him to a place he never imagined he could end up.


Buckskin (2013, MA15+)

Dir: Dylan McDonald, Australia, 57mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Penelope McDonald

Like many young Aboriginal men, Jack Buckskin grew up not knowing his traditional language and culture, as it had been driven almost to extinction a hundred years ago. Living on the edge of Adelaide, a life-changing event set him on a new path. Now Jack is on a mission to renew the Kaurna language and culture and teach it to as many people as he can in his lifetime