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Tales from the Daly River (2010, PG)

Dir: Steven McGregor, Australia, 20mins, colour, DVD
Prod: CAMMA Productions

A young boy walks into the bush with his grandparents, but he doesn’t listen to their stories. While he’s daydreaming wandering alone, he doesn’t see the grey spirit lurking in the banyan tree.

Tales from the Daly is a cautionary tale narrated by respected Nauiyu community elder Miriam-Rose Ungumerr-Baumann.


Minnie Loves Junior (2010, G)

Dir: Andy Mullins, Matt Mullins , 13mins, colour
Prod: Thomas Birch

What does a girl have to do to get a boy’s attention? Minnie lives in a seaside fishing village. Junior lives there too. Little does he realise Minnie’s unrequited love will soon save his life.


Jandamarra's War (2011, M)

Dir: Mitch Torres, Australia, 56mins, DVD
Prod: Eileen Torres

Jandamarra’s War is the story of an aboriginal Australian man who should be as famous as Ned Kelly. In 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading pastoralists in defence of his people’s ancient land and culture. Until his death in brutal retribution, this formidable Bunuba warrior waged a 3-year guerrilla war, earning him both the admiration of his people and international notoriety.


Big Fella (2010, M)

Dir: Michael Longbottom, 25mins, colour, DVD
Prod: Lisa Duff

Big Fella is a story about the crippling health effects of diabetes and obesity, and one man’s love for life. Follow Rodney as he radically transforms his life in one year and becomes a role model both to his family and kids and to his community.