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A scene from The Djarn Djarns

A scene from The Djarn Djarns

The Djarn Djarns (2005, M)

Dir: Wayne Blair, Australia, 25mins
Writ: Wayne Blair

The  Djarns  Djarns  is  the  story  of  friendship  between  four  boys,  the responsibility  they  feel  for  their culture and the love a young boy has for his father.



An image of Steven from Green Bush

An image of Steven from Green Bush

Green Bush (2005, MA15+)

Dir: Warwick Thornton, Australia, 26mins
Prod: Kath Shelper, Writ: Warwick Thornton

A simple short film from writer-director Warwick Thornton based on his experience as a DJ earlier in his life. Using minimal locations, it tells a beautifully crafted story about a DJ whose job is not confined to making the music happen. Green Bush speaks of community responsibility through the central character Kenny (David Page), and makes a statement on manhood with a directness that is culturally relevant to all Indigenous communities.



An image of Sam (Ngaire Pigram) from Plains Empty

Sam (Ngaire Pigram) from Plains Empty

Plains Empty (2005, M)

Dir: Beck Cole, Australia, 27mins
Prod: Kath Shelper, Writ: Beck Col

A young woman, left largely to her own devices, is drawn into uncovering hidden stories of the past. Beck Cole continues with the theme of ghostly apparitions and visitations and, in this enthralling drama, exploits the vacuous space of the mining fields.


Image of David Gulpili talking on the phone in Mimi

Image of David Gulpili in Mimi

Mimi (2002, M)

Dir: Warwick Thornton, 14mins
Prod: Rachel Perkins, Darren Dale, Writ: Warwick Thornton

Short film starring Aaron Pedersen, Sophie Lee and David Gulpilil.



An image of Aaron Pedersen and his brother Vinnie

Aaron Pedersen with his brother Vinnie

My Brother Vinnie (2006, M)

Dir: Steve McGregor, Australia, 25mins
Prod: Sarah Bond, Writ: Aaron Pedersen

A documentary that explores the relationship between Arrernte actor Aaron Pedersen and his brother Vinnie who have grown up as each others’ shadow. From a very young age Vinnie gave his older brother Aaron duty of care. Aaron is a successful actor all the while being responsible for the care of Vinnie, who has mild intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy. The journey hasn’t been easy for either brother.