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Bindi and Darlene The Redfern Story Black Screen

Bindi and Darlene The Redfern Story Black Screen

Black Screen promotes cultural awareness and Indigenous screen culture, provides entertainment to communities and brings them together in discussion. We support the industry by showcasing Australia’s Indigenous talent on and off screen.

Our DVDs of contemporary Indigenous Australian films are provided on a loan basis to individuals and organisations free of charge for public screenings, festivals and community celebrations. The collection includes short films and documentaries by renowned filmmakers such as Rachel Perkins, Ivan Sen and Wayne Blair.

To showcase Black Screen films at your event or festival, please submit an online request form or email blackscreen [at]


Black Screen DVDs

Black Screen film Nana

A scene from Nana, from Black Screen 8.

Our DVDs feature Indigenous short dramas, comedies and documentaries and are available on loan for free community screenings. Please note that films are not in classification order and you should check the classification and view the films before screening to your audience.

To access the Black Screen DVDs:

  1. Follow the links on the Black Screen menu page for information about the films included on each Black Screen DVD
  2. Fill in the online Screening request form
  3. A 'Festival Deed’ will be sent to you via email, outlining the terms and conditions for loaning the films
  4. Please return the DVDs within 14 days of your event so we can continue providing films to communities.