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A close up of a collection of new and used red cricket balls inside a basket.

Australian Cricket

A group of participants at the NFSA Trivia Night in Arc Cinema conferring on the answer to a question

Plan Your Visit

Browse our events program and book your tickets now! The NFSA is open daily from 10.00am to 4.00pm and until 8.00pm on Friday nights.
People looking at items in an exhibition space.

Australians & Hollywood Exhibition

Australians & Hollywood celebrates the people and stories behind our films. Now updated to include ELVIS, The Power of the Dog and more.
Renée Geyer singing in the TV studio with her band in the 1970s
In the News

Vale Renée Geyer

We farewell one of Australia’s greatest and most influential vocalists.
Two male lovers holding each other in bed in a scene from the Stephen Cummins short film Elevation
Guest Writer

Stephen Cummins retrospective

Simon Hunt reflects on the short films of Stephen Cummins, newly remastered by the NFSA and premiering during Sydney WorldPride in February.
Tara Morice in a red flamenco dress dancing with Paul Mercurio in a sparkling matador jacket during the dance championship finale of the film Strictly Ballroom
Spotlight On

Catherine Martin

A look at the Oscar-winning designer's costumes for Strictly Ballroom, her first on-screen collaboration with Baz Luhrmann.
Two synthesiser keyboards, a 1980s-style computer monitor and keyboard, and a box of floppy discs belonging to the Fairlight CMI music sampler
Have you Seen?

Fairlight CMI sampler

The Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) was a pioneering digital synthesiser and sampler invented by two Australians in 1979.
Detail of a classic Hitchcock movie poster showing a man in silhouette looking down on two figures from a great height
Remember When?

Australian Classic Movie Posters

Framed by Fame features Australian movie posters for classic UK and Hollywood films.
The McDonagh sisters, Isabel, Paulette and Phyllis, pictured from the waist up, wearing coats and hats and standing on the deck of a ship.
NFSA Restores

The McDonagh Sisters

The NFSA has restored the work of the McDonagh sisters, Australia's first female filmmaking team.
Carol West, Ross D Wyllie and an unidentified man and woman engaged in a production discussuion on the set of music television show Uptight in 1968.

Lost Happening 72 footage discovered

See John Farnham and Molly Meldrum in newly discovered footage of pop music TV show Happening 72.
The Corrick family of entertainers standing in a row, c1905.

The Marvellous Corricks

Have you met the Corrick family of entertainers yet?
Colourised image of a Tasmanian tiger pacing its cage in Hobart Zoo

Tasmanian Tiger in Colour

View the extraordinary colourised footage from the NFSA collection of the last Thylacine in captivity.