Video file
A teenage First Nations girl standing on an outback dirt road holding a camera and looking into the distance.

National Reconciliation Week

Be a Voice for Generations
Archive shelves containing film cans in storage in the NFSA vaults

Racist Material in Archival Collections

Guest writer Nathan Sentance offers suggestions for making racist content available without causing further harm.
A blue plastic tea set embossed with the Skippy TV series logo and a kangaroo and consisting of tea cup and saucer, milk jug and plates
Collection artefact

Skippy tea set and collection

Skippy's 'very own tea set' is modelled to look like fine English china, but is actually made of pastel blue plastic.
Radio and TV interviewer Binny Lum sits smiling in her home

Interviewer Binny Lum

A pioneer TV host and radio presenter, Binny Lum interviewed Barbra Streisand, The Beatles and more.
Image: Binny Lum
A view down Elizabeth Street in 1931 showing cars and trams and pedestrians crossing the road

Capital city time capsules

These collections of vintage videos bring Australia's capital cities to life.
Image: Elizabeth St, Sydney, 1931. Photo: John Carnemolla
An Aboriginal man seated at a computer in front of monitors and other equipment in a recording studio

First Nations Knowledge and 21st Century Technology

Working with Traditional Owners and the Strehlow Research Centre to preserve a vital collection of Indigenous ceremonial life.
Image: Franky Gorey at the Strehlow Research Centre.
A video game joystick

Gaming and Australian culture

How have video games intersected with Australian popular culture since the 1970s?
People looking at items in an exhibition space.

Australians & Hollywood Exhibition

Australians & Hollywood celebrates the people and stories behind our films. Now updated to include ELVIS, The Power of the Dog and more.
Three band members from Regurgitator comically pushing and shoving each other.

Regurgitator in conversation about Unit

Watch a conversation and Q&A with Regurgitator at the NFSA about their Classic Australian Album, Unit (1997).
Image: Regurgitator
A competitive tennis match in progress watched on all sides by stands filled with seated spectators

Australian Tennis Greats

Watch a selection of clips featuring some of Australia's greatest tennis champions.
Colourised image of a Tasmanian tiger pacing its cage in Hobart Zoo

Tasmanian Tiger in Colour

View the extraordinary colourised footage from the NFSA collection of the last Thylacine in captivity.