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Two kids standing side by side against a yellow corrugated iron fence. One is white girl with straight blond hair in a ponytail, wearing denim overalls and a cap, and the other is a First Nations boy with curly dark hair wearing a purple singlet and blue Hawaiian shirt.

What We Collected in 2022

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Ned Kelly in iron helmet pointing a pistol. Tinted image from 1960 feature film The Story of the Kelly Gang.

The World's First Feature Film

Restoring The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906), the world’s first feature-length narrative film.
Wide shot of actor Nicole Kidman in a safari-style outfit consisting of a belted shirt and skirt and hat standing in the outback.
Spotlight On

Catherine Martin

A look at the Oscar-winning designer's work from Strictly Ballroom to ELVIS.
Image: Nicole Kidman in Australia (2008)
People looking at items in an exhibition space.

Australians & Hollywood Exhibition

Australians & Hollywood celebrates the people and stories behind our films. Now updated to include ELVIS, The Power of the Dog and more.
A cat wearing a conical Dunce hat

Cats vs Dogs

Which is cuter? View our Vintage Cats and Vintage Dogs collections and you be the judge!
Image: 'The Stool of Repentance' glass slide (c1905)
Three women standing in a row looking at camera. One is looking into her phone and the other two are looking into the camera. One is holding a baseball bat and looking angry.

Explore the Best of Australian Web Series

Our web series collection offers something for everyone, from reflecting our reality to exploring alternative worlds.
Image: Halal Gurls
Two synthesiser keyboards, a 1980s-style computer monitor and keyboard, and a box of floppy discs belonging to the Fairlight CMI music sampler
Have you Seen?

Fairlight CMI sampler

The Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) was a pioneering digital synthesiser and sampler invented by two Australians in 1979.
Colourised image of a Tasmanian tiger pacing its cage in Hobart Zoo

Tasmanian Tiger in Colour

View the extraordinary colourised footage from the NFSA collection of the last Thylacine in captivity.
Close up of some green sequinned fabric.

LGBTQIA+ collection

The NFSA is proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community with this selection of online stories from our collection.