School visits

NFSA’s onsite education programs incorporate selected archival and contemporary moving image and sound recordings to explore the development of Australia’s social, cultural and political history. Key historical artefacts are incorporated into these sessions to provide opportunities for hands-on learning. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively through discussion and debate facilitated by NFSA educators.

Planning Your Visit

Booking, facilities, contact and location information.

Centuries of Chatterboxes

Discover different film and sound communication technologies.

Now Listen!

Investigate amazing audio and stunning sound.

Toon Time

Delve into Australia’s rich and varied animation history

Historical Highlights to Modern Marvels

Explore Australian history and identity through film and sound.

Animation Showdown

Take an exciting journey through Australian animation.

Ad Power!

Examine the persuasive power of advertisements and propaganda.

Spectres of the Screen

A light-hearted look at monster movies, music and special effects.

Fractured Heart

An exciting interactive experience for your students.

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