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NFSA Connects is a videoconferencing program which provides school students with the opportunity to interact with some of Australia’s leading creative artists to ask them question and hear, first-hand, their experiences of working in the audiovisual cultural industry. The program utilises videoconferencing and other digital networking equipment available in schools and provides inspiring and engaging learning experiences for students in urban, regional and rural locations across Australia.

Previous NFSA Connects events

Professor Chris Turney

Chris Turney is a Professor of Earth Sciences, an explorer and writer who has been to Antarctica three times. He is leading the Australian Antarctic Expedition 2013–2014, which will follow Sir Douglas Mawson’s 1912 route and document the changes in the environment from that time.

Chris sparked the interest of students who have been studying Antarctica to offer his personal experience of the environment, the history of the expeditions and to explain why scientists, in general, continue to explore a part of our planet that is so remote and hostile.

Wally De Backer (Gotye)

Students from from high schools in Victoria, Queensland and NSW participated in a Q & A with music multi-instrumentalist Gotye. Gotye shared his composition and performance techniques and explored his response to the countless cover versions of 'Somebody that I Used to Know’ floating around the internet.

NFSA CEO and session facilitator, Michael Loebenstein, matched Gotye’s pace with insightful comments and questions that provided students with the scaffold to discover different aspects of Gotye’s work.

Scriptwriter Christine Olsen and Aunty Shirley Lomas

A scene of terrified children being snatched by a policeman while their mother struggles to grab them back was the focus of our NFSA Connects event discussing the film, Rabbit-Proof Fence.

Christine Olsen, screenwriter and producer of Rabbit-Proof Fence, and Aunty Shirley Lomas, a member of the Stolen Generations, shared their experiences with over 240 students in our first nationwide video-conference.

Rolf de Heer

Students in NSW engaged in a Q & A with the director Rolf de Heer and Frances Djulibing from Ramingining, who played the lead female role.

Ten Canoes allows us to glimpse the ancient world of the Yolngu through the story of a young warrior Dayindi (played by Jamie Gulpilil), who covets one of his older brothers’ wives. The story travels even further back to the Dreamtime and has a timeless quality that has made it an instant classic.

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Joanna Buggy and Niki Vasilakis

Producer Joanna Buggy and highly-acclaimed solo violinist Niki Vasilakis, from Adelaide, discussed this documentary with high school students in South Australia.

4 is driven by Vivaldi’s masterpiece The Four Seasons and was filmed in four continents following a journey through the four seasons – the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring in Japan, a fierce Australian summer, the energy of a New York autumn, and the bitter cold and human warmth of winter in Finland. Four internationally-renowned violinists performed a movement each. Niki Vasilakis played the ‘Summer’ movement at a concert on a stormy, humid Thursday Island to an Indigenous and non-Indigenous audience.

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Ian Darling and Aden Young

Aden Young was one of the cast members of the Sydney Theatre Company production Hedda Gabler which was invited to perform in the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York in 2006. Ian Darling directed and produced the insightful documentary, In the Company of Actors, which followed an ensemble of some of Australia’s finest actors, including Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving, in their final weeks of rehearsal in Sydney through to opening night in New York.


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