Fellowships and internships

The NFSA awards a number of research fellowships to enable specialists to explore aspects of the NFSA collections in depth. SAR fellows produce a diverse range of high-quality outcomes such as printed publications, e-publications, performances, compositions and visual works of art.

Indigenous Research Fellowship

The NFSA periodically requests applications for an Indigenous Research Fellowship. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to explore and use the NFSA’s collection to find inspiration for a new sound or moving image installation, publication, exhibit, live audiovisual event, symposium or a combination of these and other elements to be completed using outside production facilities. Fellowship recipients can also research material to take back to their community, leading to cultural repatriation such as developments in song, dance and ceremony.


Students studying museum and curatorial studies, history, music, new media arts, visual arts and the sciences in a tertiary institution may undertake internships at the NFSA. Interns work on projects under supervision to gain experience in a wide variety of skills.

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