Repairing tears in film

Fig 11.6

When a film tears there is invariably a small overlap of emulsion. When aligning the film it is critical that this small flap of emulsion is in the proper position, otherwise a very obvious line will be visible along the tear.

Fig 11.7 i

  • Align the tear so that the emulsion flap is sitting over the top of the base and hasn’t been tucked underneath.

Fig 11.7 ii

  • Tape the sides of the film down so that nothing moves while the tape is applied across the film.

Fig 11.7 iii

  • Work from the end of the tear if the film is still in one length, or from one end if the film is in two pieces. Place a piece of tape across the entire width of the base. Align the edge of the tape so that both sides of the repair tape align with the frame line of the film. If the tape is carefully worked across from one side of the film to another then very few air bubbles will form under the tape.

Fig 11.7 iv

  • If any air bubbles do form, use a cotton bud to smooth them carefully to the sides of the tape. If a bubble forms that cannot be carefully worked away, gently pierce the surface of the bubble with either a scalpel or needle. This will allow the air to escape. Smooth the tape down.
  • Work back to the head of the tear covering one frame at a time.
  • Cut the tape away from the perforations and trim the edges so that there are no sections of tape that can catch along the edge of the film.