Through cutting-edge research and preservation practices, the NFSA has become internationally recognised as a centre of excellence.

The Deluxe/Kodak Collection

A collection of newly preserved classic Australian films with prints available to screen around the world.

Film preservation handbook

This wide ranging handbook covers film construction, identification, storage and damage.

Audiovisual glossary

An explanation of common audiovisual terms in a preservation context.

Caring for your collection

Quick reference fact sheets on caring for your audio, film, video and photographs.

Centre of excellence

The NFSA is an acknowledged world leader in scientific archival research.

Technical services

Leading-edge technical facilities and teams of expert technicians help safeguard and provide access to the NFSA collection.

Fire damage

First aid for fire damaged audiovisual materials.

Flood damage

Stabilising audiovisual objects affected by floods.

Technical research

Profiling technical archival research projects.