Screening loans

Screening loans

The NFSA offers film and video for loan to cinemas, film festivals, film societies and educational, cultural and community organisations. Access is through two separate catalogues: NFSA search the collection (theatrical loans) and the NFSA Screen Lending Collection . Borrowers are encouraged to search both catalogues.

NFSA Screen Lending Collection

The majority of titles in the NFSA Screen Lending Collection have been pre-licensed for non-theatrical and educational screenings. This catalogue contains thousands of Australian and international features, shorts, animations, documentaries, television shows, experimental, educational and training films, available on 16mm film, DVD and VHS formats. Registered borrowers may book directly online. Theatrical screenings from this catalogue are available subject to copyright clearance.

Non-theatrical screenings are those where titles are exhibited on a non-commercial basis (where no direct admission charge is levied) to the following organisations: educational, cultural, social and religious institutions, community groups, churches, film societies, government bodies, hospitals, libraries, museums and galleries.

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Theatrical loans

Feature films, documentaries, shorts, cinema advertisements and other materials are available for theatrical screenings subject to approval from the rights holder and NFSA conditions of use. Titles are primarily Australian and are available on 35mm and 16mm film, with limited titles on high quality Betacam video. Images for many titles are also available. Search the collection to find materials that have access copies.

Theatrical screenings generally refer to those:

  • which are open to the public
  • for which admission is charged
  • which are conducted by an individual or organisation that falls outside of the non-theatrical definition (see above).

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