The NFSA’s radio collection includes programs from a wide variety of genres including drama serials, variety and quiz shows, jingles, news and current affairs, talk shows, documentaries and sport. More »

Women in Radio

Meet the pioneers who helped shape Australian cultural identity.

Sounds of Australia

Sound recordings with cultural and historical significance.

Binny Lum

Binny Lum’s conversations with the stars.

Once Upon a Wireless

Capturing voices from the golden years of commercial radio.

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Explore our collection of Australian radio series from the 1930s–1970s.

About the Radio Collection

The NFSA’s radio collection includes a range of programs across a wide variety of genres from drama serials, variety and quiz shows, jingles, news and current affairs, talk shows, documentaries, sport, inaugural broadcasts as well as recordings of significant events and natural disasters.

Given the size of Australia’s commercial and community radio sectors the NFSA can only acquire a fraction of the programs that are available across digital and analogue broadcasting platforms. In determining priorities for collecting radio, the aim is to obtain a selection illustrating the diversity of Australian radio production, developments in the radio industry and its history.

Initiatives to collect radio recordings and documentation rely on the cooperation of radio producers and station management to provide recordings to be preserved in the national collection such as The Slice of Life project, during the Bicentennial of 1988, which encompassed geographic sampling of 24 hours of broadcasts from 60 radio stations.

Contemporary radio and podcasts are also preserved. Australian radio can also be explored at the NFSA through scrapbooks, scripts, photographs and significant Australian radio recordings in the Sounds of Australia.

Collection Offers

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