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Wrong Side of the Road cast and crew reunion at the Sydney Film Festival, June 2013

Collection highlight

The digitally restored groundbreaking film Wrong Side of the Road has entertained many people with successful screenings around Australia. The NFSA’s Indigenous Collections team brought some cast and crew together to celebrate.

The Indigenous collection holds moving image and sound recordings depicting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures over the past 110 years, a priceless link to the past.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been the subject of recordings since the earliest days of moving image. In 1898, the British anthropologist Alfred Cort Haddon filmed Torres Strait Islanders and mainland Aborigines in the world’s first film of an anthropological field trip.

The Indigenous collection spans a century’s worth of audiovisual technology, from nitrate film and wax cylinders to digital formats.

The moving image collection includes feature films, documentaries, commercial and community television, ethnographic recordings, and home movies.

The recorded sound collection holds ethnographic recordings, commercial recordings, community radio, oral histories and spoken word performances.

The documents and artefacts collection contains posters, scripts, equipment, scrapbooks and photographs.

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