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Collection highlight: Children’s panorama toy

Curator Itzell Tazzyman looks at a charming panorama toy from Ray Barnes’ collection of pre-cinema artefacts. Read more »

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Soldiers of the Cross

Surviving material from Australia’s first feature-length film.


Online exhibitions of documents and artefacts.

Glass slide collection

The preservation of hand-painted glass magic lantern slides.

Film Australia Collection

Research titles with shot descriptions and preview footage and stills.

Theatres and Cinemas

Images of Picture Palaces around Australia.


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About the Documents and Artefacts Collection

The NFSA’s collection of documents and artefacts began to develop in the late 1950s and consists of photographs, posters, scripts, publicity packages, costumes, vintage equipment, glass slides and negatives, sheet music, private papers and memorabilia. Today these account for half the items in the entire NFSA collection.

Material in this collection includes:

  • papers, costumes, awards and other memorabilia from iconic Australian rock band The Angels ;
  • production documentation and animation models for Mary and Max (Adam Elliot, Australia, 2008);
  • the handwritten notes of director Charles Chauvel on his copy of the script for Jedda (Australia, 1955);
  • personal memorabilia of bass-baritone singer and songwriter Peter Dawson;
  • images and publicity for Australian and international films released in Australia from the 1920s through to the present. This includes the Taussig Collection of over 5000 stills collected in Europe prior to 1940;
  • a major documentation collection provided by producer Tony Sattler, relating to flagship television and radio productions from the 1970s and 1980s, including The Naked Vicar Show, Kingswood Country, Bullpitt and Chuck Chunder and the Space Patrol.

Collection Offers

If you have documents or artefacts that you wish to offer the NFSA, see the Collection offers page or contact:

Documents and Artefacts Unit
National Film and Sound Archive
Ph: 02 6248 2000
Freecall: 1800 067 274

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