Collection offers

Acquisition of new material

The NFSA acquires new material in accordance with its collection policy and statement of curatorial values.

If your production has funding under a Delivery Deed, please refer to the following:

If you have any material you would like to offer to the NFSA, please complete a Collection offer form.

Acquisition methods

The NFSA acquires new material for the collection by:


Donations to the NFSA are permanent gifts of collection items. The NFSA welcomes donations of works that match its acquisition criteria. Unlike works on deposit, the NFSA acquires title to, and control over, the physical items. The intellectual property of works not in the public domain remains with their legal owners. The NFSA respects both the privacy of donors and the legitimate interests of copyright holders.


The owner of a work may wish to transfer it to the NFSA for preservation or storage purposes while retaining title, intellectual property rights, and a degree of control over the material. Ideally, the NFSA should receive fair value in exchange for providing such preservation and storage services and should seek funds to offset any incremental operational costs incurred because of the deposit. The NFSA management may accept, upon the recommendation of the curators, such items on deposit within the limits set out in this policy.


In evaluating a proposed acquisition for purchase, the NFSA seeks to ensure that it:

  • acquires the works it intends to acquire;
  • acquires clear title to the works;
  • pays a fair price, and
  • obtains the works on carriers of appropriate format and condition.


Living artists, producers, collectors and others may wish to name the NFSA as an intended recipient of works or other property upon their death. Many such bequests have been made known to the NFSA during the donor’s lifetime. When there is a long-standing professional relationship, or when the NFSA has participated in the development of the terms and conditions surrounding the bequest, the expectations and requirements of both parties are well known to each other. In these instances, the NFSA can confirm the relevance of the bequest material to the collection and hence verify the benefits of the bequest for all concerned.

Unsolicited gifts and portfolios

The NFSA cannot take responsibility for unsolicited works it receives. The NFSA reserves the right to accession such unsolicited material into the collection, to return to sender if practical to do so, or to dispose of the material if it does not meet the NFSA acquisition criteria.

Solicited material

The NFSA’s curatorial teams are continuously searching for key works that are needed for the national audiovisual, documents and artefacts collection. Here is the current list of works we are seeking.

General enqiries

Curatorial Branch
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Phone: (02) 6248 2000