Beautifully restored prints at Dungog Film Festival

Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson in The Man From Snowy River (1982)

Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson in The Man From Snowy River (1982)

The Dungog Film Festival is something special — it celebrates only Australian films. From 26-29 May, the NFSA is proud to support the Dungog Film Festival by providing prints for screening from the sponsored Kodak/Atlab and Deluxe/Kodak preservation projects, including a beautiful new print of Gallipoli, first released 30 years ago.

The NFSA, along with its partners Deluxe Sydney (previously Atlab Sydney) and Kodak Australasia, has a dedicated strategy in place to preserve and make available to contemporary audiences new prints of significant Australian colour feature films made in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Film repair and preservation work is only possible at specialist film laboratories, such as those at the NFSA and Deluxe Sydney. The partnership encompasses the preservation of 75 Australian feature films.

Representing the NFSA at this year’s Dungog Film Festival is Senior Curator of Film Meg Labrum. She said, “The Dungog Film Festival celebrates Australian film — past, present and future. It’s a great opportunity for audiences to share with Australian filmmakers and those working in the Australian film industry.”

The Festival showcases new Australian screen content, honours leading Australian filmmakers, and creates a context for contemporary Australian works by getting the classics out of the vaults and back into the cinemas. By hosting the world’s biggest celebration of Australian film, Dungog Film Festival has become a much anticipated event on the screen industry’s calendar and a joy for lovers of Australian screen culture.

The NFSA has partnered with the Dungog Film Festival since its inception in 2007, and audiences continue to grow. “Last year 7000 people attended the Festival, and it just seems to get bigger and more popular each year,” said Meg Labrum. “People can have the original cinema experience –- pure quality film projected in the way it was originally intended.”

Festival highlights:

  • Saturday Night Gala Event (28 May, 6.30pm), the Deluxe/Kodak print of Gallipoli, introduced by screenwriter David Williamson
  • David Williamson will introduce the Kodak/Atlab print of The Club (Fri 27 May, 1.45pm)
  • Screen delight Sigrid Thornton will introduce Kodak/Atlab print of The Man From Snowy River (Sat 28 May, 9.15am)

Mel Gibson and Mark Lee in Gallipoli (1981)

Mel Gibson and Mark Lee in Gallipoli (1981)

Gallipoli (PG, 1981)
Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film amongst a string of other awards, and romped home at the box office.

Film poster for The Club

Film poster for The Club (1980)

The Club (PG, 1980)
As a long time Collingwood Football Club supporter, David adapted his own play for the cinema in the late ’70s. It was an interesting time for Aussie rules footy, as it was in a state of flux having moved from a semi-professional state, where most of the players had day jobs, into a modern, professional and franchised structure. The Australian Football League of today is a very different place to what’s depicted in The Club, but Williamson cleverly uses a device to drive the film that resonates today.

Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson in The Man From Snowy River (1982)

Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson in The Man From Snowy River (1982)

The Man From Snowy River (PG, 1982)
This landmark film in Australian cinema is about a boy’s journey into manhood, based on Banjo Paterson’s poem of the same name. A much beloved classic, this film is a thrilling ride for all ages.


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